Q. What do I need to run this app on my phone?
​A. You need an ELM327 Wi-Fi or a GoPoint BT adapter. You can buy them from Amazon or eBay for $20. I do however recommend buying a brand name as the performance heavily relies upon it.

Q. Why do some sensors work while others don't?
A. More recent vehicles tend to support more PIDs (sensors). As a result some sensors are not supported on older vehicles.

Q. What should I do if my app keeps crashing?
A. If you experience crashes during operation the best solution is to submit a crash report. When you submit a crash report, I can look at the crash report and track down the problem. The app will be patched and re-released with the problem fixed. Also send me an email descrbing your problem in detail.


iOS 8:settings-->Privacy-->Diagnostics & Usage
iOS 7: settings -->General-->About-->Diagnostics & Usage
Check "Automatically Send"
The next time you run your app and crashes, I will receive the crash report and resolve the problem ASAP.

Q. Why does my app crash after updating?
A.  Shift OBD2 stores user preferences on the phone which sometime interfere with the update.
SOLUTION: Delete app from iPhone and do a fresh install.

Q. I get the message "unable to connect to port 35000" when I try to connect to my OBD2 adapter.
A. Sometimes the wifi connection is dropped on iOS 7 devices.
SOLUTION: Ensure your iOS device is paired with the adapter. Reset wi-fi connection by turning it off and then back on from the slide-up screen.

Q. Why can't I read my vehicle information?
A. Vehcile information PIDS such as VIN and calibration ID is not supported on all vehicles. 

Q. Why does my app get stuck on "Scanning..." when trying to connect?
A. Some obd2 mini adapters may not support regular connection process.
​SOLUTION: Go into the app settings. Select "Quick connect" and start connection.

Q. I have updated my app and now my purchased add-ons are gone.
A. You need to restore your purchased add-ons.

SOLUTION: Go into the settings view of app. tab "Restore purchased add-ons". If add-ons are not restored, tap the add-ons that you have already purchased. You won't be charged twice.