Get the addons you need

Race track

  • Automatic lap time detection and track creation using GPS
  • Crucial lap information including position and gap delay.
  • Real time Speed/rpm G-force transmission gear tracking.
  • Color coded race track showing speed for every lap.
  • Get drag racing times: 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile.
  • Get accurate 0-60 mph 0-100 mph readings.
  • Share your results with friends from app.
  • Get detailed summary of lap times and speed variations

Fuel economy

  • Get instant and average fuel economy over three time periods.
  • Track average mpg over 0-5 min, 0-30 min and 0-2 hours.
  • Get long term fuel economy tracking up to 1 year.
  • Interactive graph of fuel economy, distance, money spent and fuel consumed
  • ​4 units of measure including MPG, KM/L L/100 KM and Imperial MPG.
  • ​Landscape and portrait mode
  • Useful statistics such as distance travelled, fuel consumed, CO2 produced
  • ​Save data to CSV file and export to PC/MAC for analysis.

Dash cam

  • Record video with sensor overlay in 4 resolutions
  • Record in HD 1080 and 720.
  • Useful overlays: map, g-force, compass, GPS coordinates
  • Real time overlay rendering and smooth HD recording.

Custom PID support & Sensor logging

  • Add and track custom PIDs (mode 22) that are vehicle specific.
  • Record sensor data obtained from graph and export to .CSV file for further analysis.