Drag and track support

Wether it's a drag race you're into or you hit the tracks, rest assured you will obtain accurate information with the racetrack addon.

0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, quarter mile and 1/8 mile time. Max speed, max horsepower, rpm and acceleration.

A complete race track summary with lap times, gap times, max speed per lap, distance travelled, time of race and more.

Real time race data

Switch between Speed/rpm gauge, race track map and G-sensor gauge.

Know how're driving and where you stand in the race with real time lap info such as: Current, previous and best lap times, gap diff with respect to best lap, gear and more.

Load/save track

Build a database of your favorite tracks using your device's GPS then load your track to see your exact position.

The short term option provides instantenous fuel economy as well as three different time intervals: 5 minuts, 30 minuts and 2 hours.