The digital dashboard offers a grid layout of up to 6 customizable gauges in real time.

Select from 92 available PIDs including instantaneous fuel economy and boost pressure. each gauge can be customized into 4 styles to best fit the required functions.


The graphing option allows the user to plot up to 4 sensors in real time and record data for further analysis.

The graph itself is interactive and can be scrolled to view history.

Fuel economy

Fuel economy option provides two separate views for short term/real time tracking as well as long term tracking.

The short term option provides instantenous fuel economy as well as three different time intervals: 5 minuts, 30 minuts and 2 hours.

Long term tracking provides an interactive graph to slice time intervals and obtain average fuel economy, fuel consumed, distance travelled and money spent on fuel. The graph can be viewed in 6 modes: 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and one year and can be scrolled through to obtain accurate results.

You can track data in MPG, KM/L, L/100 KM and MPG Imperial.


Dashcam enables user to overlay up to 4 gauges and record smooth HD video.

All vidoes are recorded with H.264 codec for best quality/compression ratio to save space.


Read and clear trouble codes: Current, pending and permanent DTCs.

Emissions readiness and freeze frame data.

Download vehicle info: VIN, Calibration ID, ECU model and other useful information.